A FRÍO® needs only water to activate, easy for when you’re on the move. Diabetes nurses and doctors advise keeping in-use insulin cool to maintain its effectiveness.

See what our customers have said about the FRÍO® and how it helps in every day situations and during travel.

How a FRÍO® works

Thank you for a wonderful hassle free holiday

This product arrived safe and sound and we have just returned from a months holiday in the Caribbean. All we can say about your product is WOW !!! AND WOW AGAIN !!!

My husband is severely diabetic and it was a huge worry to us of how to transport his insulin safely overnight and then on a long haul flight the next day. A sales assistant in Boots the chemist told us about your product and the rest is history. Your product does exactly what it says, his insulin arrived safe and sound and at the correct temperature. We just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful hassle free holiday and many more in the future transporting his insulin around safely. Thank you so much we will never hesitate to recommend Frio, in fact we did do just that on our holiday.

– Susan and David King, UK

Must have for type 1 diabetes

Been back in the UK a week after two week trip to Pakistan and wallets still cold!! Fantastic product! Kept insulin cold for my 2 type 1 diabetic boys in temperatures over 40. In Pakistan the electricity companies keep turning it on n off so fridges wern’t ideal to store coz electricity could go for hours at a time. Had to re-soak for only couple minutes every 3 days anymore than that would be too much n I wouldn’t be able to get anything in it. I took 4 bags only used 2 but was worried they might not work n was constantly checking them, but I needn’t have worried insulin was kept at perfect temperature. Not as cold as a fridge because it was so hot, but it obviously cool enough and working because the boys’ sugars were perfect. Must remember to store in an open space, mine were in a bathroom. The insulin we took out for day use was usually kept at the top of my handbag with zip open. Amazing product would very highly recommend. Good luck to all travelling diabetics, stay safe xxx

– Sonia P, UK
NZ, Chile, Singapore and Oz.. 6 month trip with a Frio
NZ, Chile, Singapore and Oz.. 6 month trip with a Frio
I took 3 XL Frio wallets with me hoping they would help keep a 6 month supply of insulin cool. I have to tell you that they exceeded my expectations in everyway. They never let me down once; from the cold of southern N.Z. and Chile, to the heat of Singapore and OZ they never failed me. I would love to recommend these wallets to everyone I know. If you are a diabetic going travelling then these are a must. The one tip I would give would be to buy some kind of strong, robust net/mesh bag to carry the wallets in because they work best when they are provided with maximum exposure to the air
– Mr Smith, UK
Himalayan Expedition, Tibet, New Zealand and Nepal
Himalayan Expedition, Tibet, New Zealand and Nepal
I thought I would write to you and give you some feedback about Frio Wallets. I wrote to you in 2006 when I was about to set out on my first Himalayan Expedition (reaching 5,300m). Your Frio products kept my insulin well and working, including one sub zero night when I forgot my insulin outside my tent! I have since climbed several times in Tibet, Nepal and New Zealand with confidence using your Frio Wallets. I have even summited the Nandi La in Tibet – a gruelling 16 hour, 34km trek reaching 6,100m altitude. Many thanks for your fine products!

– Sital Bassan, Australia

Three Month Europe Trip

I wanted to let you know that I used your large wallet to store 9 containers of insulin for a three months trip over all of Europe from Bremerhaven to the southern tip of Corsica. We traveled by motorcycle and sidecar and camped or stayed in hotels in every kind of temperature and humidity. I was not able to use a refrigerator. I hydrated the wallet every 2-3 days and kept it in the wind behind me as I drove the motorcycle everyday. I put it in the tent out of the sun and in hotel rooms left it on the counter in the bathrooms. Your wallet worked superbly. My insulin was in perfect condition. I am not over stating when I say I would stake my life on your product.

Note: it is strongly recommended that extended travel plans of more than 28 days be discussed with your diabetic nurse or GP as should the availability of a ‘fridge on your travels. Insulin must be at the manufacturer’s recommended temperature before being placed in the FRIO® wallet. Please check the manufacturer’s information leaflet for your specific medication.

– David H, Hawaii